the cloudburst transforms the surfaces of the street, the curbs and the sidewalk under the pounding, windswept strands of water into a violently moving storm landscape in miniature before it ends as suddenly as it started just minutes before
the wet asphalt surfaces change fast and lose the shine that previously the water gave them
the draining water converges at the deepest points and remains in depressions for a while, like mirrors reflecting the gray sky with the moving dark clouds before it seeps away

the street becomes lighter only slowly, but not evenly
elevations dry first, the unevenness of the surfaces become visible in light and dark spots
the moisture stays on the edges of things for a long time
around the holes and at the cracks in the street, around the leaves which the threads of water falling from the sky cut from the branches of the trees and slapped onto the streets, and around the pebbles that the flowing rainwater washed onto the street and the sidewalk, the humidity becomes a pattern of dark spots, lines and stripes

© Fredi Hüberli

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